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Upper Elementary Science - II
2.9 Fish

Fish is a class of organisms that fall under vertebrates. Fish are vertebrate animals that live in water, have streamlined (ability to flow in water), muscular bodies, and are cold-blooded. They have gills that help them breathe and fins that help them swim in water.

There are basically three types of fish:

Jawless Fish or Agnatha: These have no fins, no jaws and a skeleton without bone.

Chondrichthyes or Cartilaginous Fish: These do not have bones, have paired fins and no swim bladder (this provides buoyancy, i.e., the ability to swim). Their skin has tooth-like scales called denticles.
Examples: sharks, skates

Osteichyes or Bony Fish: Osteo means bone; these fish have a skeleton made of bone and paired fins. They also have teeth that are fixed onto the upper jaw. They have a swim bladder.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: The swim bladder helps fish in
catching prey

Q 2: Sharks are aquatic mammals.

Q 3: Whales fall under the

Q 4: Osteichyes refers to fish
with jaws
with cartilage
with bone

Q 5: Fish breathe through their
Swim Bladder

Q 6: The class of fish that do not have bones, fins or teeth

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