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Upper Elementary Science - II
4.18 Solar Energy

Sun is an abundant source of energy. Almost all forms of energy are directly or indirectly connected to solar energy.

When we hang our clothes on the clothes line, they get dried up .This is due to the heat of the sun.
Plants use sunlight to make food. Animals eat these plants. Again when they decay they turn into fossil fuels.
Therefore fossils fuels are actually sunlight stored million of years ago.

Another example, to show sunlight is prevalent in all sources of energyis descibed below.
We do work, from the energy obtained from food. Food is got from plants that uses up sunlight to make food.
Hence our energy is derived from the sun.

There are many devices that use solar energy. Some of them are:

  • Solar heater Ė This uses the sunís heat and light to heat up the water. The water from a solar heater is a rich source of Vitamin D.
  • Solar power plants- This uses solar energy to generate electricity.
  • Solar cell- The solar energy is stored in batteries and are used later for various purposes.Such a cell is referred to as the photovoltaic cell.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Solar heaters convert
light energy to heat energy
heat energy to light energy
solar energy to heat energy
None of the above.

Q 2: The potential energy in solar batteries is obtained from
None of the above

Q 3: Solar power plants convert
Solar energy to light energy
Solar energy to electrical energy
Solar energy to wind energy
Solar energy to heat energy

Q 4: Fossil fuels are formed over a million of years.

Q 5: Fossil fuels are solar energy trapped over a million years.

Q 6: Solar energy is directly or indirectly connected with all forms of energy.

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