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Upper Elementary Science - II
4.16 Energy

Energy is the capacity to do work. There are many forms of energy -- chemical energy, heat energy, mechanical energy, muscular energy, etc. Everything that happens around us is due to energy. Any work that we do is due to energy.

Stored Energy and Moving Energy

Energy that is stored is called the potential energy.
Examples: water stored in a tank, food stored by a plant

Energy possessed by a moving body is called kinetic energy or moving energy.
Examples: moving car, an apple falling from a tree, etc.

Law of Transformation of Energy

Energy can never be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another.

Let us see some examples of energy transformation:

  • A car uses chemical energy in gasoline to make heat energy and kinetic energy.
  • An electrical bulb converts heat energy to light energy.
  • A toaster converts electrical energy to heat energy.
  • An electric fan converts electrical energy to kinetic energy.
  • A television changes electrical energy into sound energy and light energy.
  • While speaking over a telephone, our voice is converted to electrical energy and the phone on the other end converts the electrical energy into audible sound energy.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Energy can be destroyed

Q 2: A television converts
None of the above
Sound energy to electrical energy
Light energy to heat energy
Electrical energy to sound energy

Q 3: The energy stored by a water tank is
none of the above
nuclear energy
potential energy
kinetic energy

Q 4: Energy can be created.

Q 5: A moving car possesses
wind energy
none of the above
kinetic energy
solar energy

Q 6: An electric heater converts
light energy to electrical energy
electrical energy to heat energy
none of the above
heat energy to light energy

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