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Upper Elementary Science - II
2.2 Habitats

Habitat is the dwelling place of any animal. Animals live, grow and reproduce in their habitats. Animals can be classified based on their habitats as:
  • Terrestrial animals
  • Ariel animals
  • Arboreal animals
  • Aquatic animals
Terrestrial Animals: Terra means land and hence animals living on land are called terrestrial animals. Cow, goat, and dog are examples of terrestrial animals.

Ariel Animals: Ariel means something pertaining to the air. This category includes birds that spend most of their times flying.

Arboreal Animals: This category of animals spend most of their time on trees. Animals like monkeys and lemur belong to this category.

Aquatic Animals: Animals that live in water are called aquatic animals. Fish, whales, and sharks are examples of water animals.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Each organism is suitable to live in a particular environment which is called

Q 2: Birds can swim in water and hence called aquatic animals

Q 3: Blue whales fall under terrestrial animals

Q 4: Arboreal animals live on

Q 5: The habitat of aquatic animals is

Q 6: Birds are categorized as
Ariel animals
Terrestrial animals
Aquatic animals
none of the above

Q 7: Habitat of all terrestrial animals is identical

Q 8: Animals that live on land are called
Arboreal animals
Aquatic animals
None of the above
Terrestrial animals

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Question 10: This question is available to subscribers only!

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