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High School Mathematics
4.27 Solid Geometry - Review

Solid Geometry Review Test

Q 1: The length, width and height of a cuboid are 15cm., 14cm. and 13cm. respectively. Find the total surface area of the cuboid.
1176 Sq. cm.
1172 Sq. cm.
1174 Sq. cm.
1178 Sq. cm.

Q 2: Find the surface area of the sphere of radius 4.2 cm.
221.72 Sq. cm.
221.74 Sq. cm.
221.76 Sq. cm.
None of these

Q 3: The area of the base of a cone is 1886.5 Sq. cm. Its height is 84cm. Find its total surface area.
8624 Sq. cm.
2820 Sq. cm.
8626 Sq. cm.
8628 Sq. cm.

Q 4: The radius of a sphere is 4.2 cm. to paint the surface of the sphere at 6 cents per 1 Sq. cm. how much will it cost?
$ 13.0563
$ 13.3065
$ 13.3056
$ 13.0635

Q 5: Surface area of a sphere is _____.
2 * pi * r2
3 * pi * r2
4 * pi * r2
None of these

Q 6: It is required to make from a metal sheet a closed cylindrical tank of height 2.75m and base of radius 63cm. How many square meters of metal sheet is required.
13.59 Sq. m.
13.49 Sq. m.
13.3 Sq. m.
13.39 Sq. m.

Q 7: Find the surface area of the sphere of diameter is 7 cm.
158 Sq. cm.
156 Sq. cm.
152 Sq. cm.
154 Sq. cm.

Q 8: The radius of the hemisphere is 3.5 cm. find its total surface area.
115.75 Sq. cm.
115.05 Sq. cm.
115.25 Sq. cm.
115.5 Sq. cm.

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