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High School Mathematics
4.17 Important Points on Cone

1. A cone is a pyramid with a circular base.

2. Solid cone: It is the figure in space bounded by the curved surface of the cone and its plane circular end.

3. Curved surface area of a cone = pi * r * l,
Where r = radius of the base, and l = slant height.

4. Slant height, l2 = h2 + r2.

5. Lateral surface area of a cone is equal to pi * r * l.

6. Total surface area of a cone = Lateral surface area + Area of base,
= pi * r* (l+r).

7.Volume of a cone = 1/3 * pi * r2 * h.

8. A circus tent will be generally of the form of hollow cylinder surmounted by a cone.

9. Base of a cone: A cone has a plane surface circular in shape as base.

10. Vertex of cone: It is one end of the cone very far from the base.