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High School Mathematics
4.53 Important Points in Cylinder

1. If the base of a right prism are circular it is called cylinder.

2. The cylinder belongs to the family of prisms.

3. The curved surface area is equal to = Perimeter of the base * height
= Circumference of the circle * height.
= 2 * pi * r * h.

4. Area of the base of a cylinder = Area of circle.
= pi * r2.

5. Total surface area of a cylinder = Curved surface area + 2 * base area.
= 2 * pi * r + 2 * pi * r2.
= 2 * pi * r(h+r).

6. Volume of a cylinder = base area * height
= pi * r2 * h.

7. A cycle tube is an example of a cylindrical shell which is neither a solid cylinder nor a hollow cylinder.

8. The ratio of curve surface area's of two cylinder of equal heights is equal to the ratio of their radii.

9. The ratio of the volumes of two cylinders of equal heights is equal to the ratio of squares of their radii.

10. The ratio of two curved surface area's of two cylinders of equal radii is equal to the ratio of their heights.

11. The ratio of the volumes of two cylinders of equal radii but of different heights is equal to the ratio of their heights.

12. If the volumes of two cylinders are equal, then the ratio of the squares of radii is inversely proportional to the heights of the cylinders.

13.The cross section by a vertical plane of a cylinder is a rectangle.

14. A right circular cylinder:
A geometrical object, it has two circular parallel plane ends. They are called the bases of the cylinder.

15. Axis of the cylinder:
The line segment joining the centres of the two bases. It is perpendicular to the bases. Hence it is named as right circular cylinder.

16. Lateral surface:
There is a curved (not flat) surface joining the two bases.

17. Hollow cylinder:
It is the figure in the space bounded by just the lateral surface of the cylinder.

18. Solid cylinder:
It is the region in the space formed by the two plane ends and the lateral surface of the cylinder.

19. Cylindrical shell:
The difference of two solid cylinders.

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