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Grade 6 English
4.12 Investing Basics

Directions: Learn about various ways of saving and growing your extra money. Answer the following questions. Write in your words about various investment choices such as bank savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit, stocks, and mutual funds.
Q 1: If you sell a stock at a higher price than your buying price, you would have ________.
none of these
capital appreciation

Q 2: A fund operated by an investment company which raises money from shareholders and invests in a group of assets is called
investment account
mutual fund
retirement asset
shareholder fund

Q 3: The following is NOT an investment activity.
buying real estate
putting money in a bank account that pays interest
buying stocks
going on a pleasure trip

Q 4: Financial assets are
all of these
mutual funds

Q 5: Stock brokers help you to buy and sell stocks. What does a 'Discount Broker' discount?
interest paid to you
prices of stocks you want to buy
commissions you pay

Q 6: A stock is
a collectible art
a savings account in a company
none of these choices
an ownership in a public company

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