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Middle/High School Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics (AGS)
2.4 Graph for x > 2

Closed half plane:
When the boundary line is included the region is called closed half plane, and the boundary line is indicated by dark line.

Open half plane:
If the boundary line is not included the region is called open half plane and the separating boundary line is shown as a dotted line.

Draw a graph for x > 2:

First we draw a straight line for x = 2, it means that in this straight line the x coordinate is constant that is 2.

x > 2, means that x= 2 is not belongs to the region x > 2 belongs tot he region, we take dotted line for the straight for x = 2, because it is not belongs to the region.

Directions: Draw the graphs for: x > 1, x > 2, x > 3, x > 4, and x > 6.
Also write at least five examples/graphs of your own.