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Math Word Problems - GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE Preparation
9.1 Review 1

Q 1: The ten's digit of a two digit number exceeds the unit's digit by 4. The sum of the digits is 10. Find the number.

Q 2: A restaurant served 84 dinners one day. For every 5 dinners served, 2 were pasta. How many pasta dinners were served?

Q 3: In Detroit, Michigan, the temperature was -15 F in the morning. If the temperature dropped another 10 F, what is the temperature now?
5 F
25 F
-25 F
-20 F

Q 4: If Ron paints 2/7 of a room today and 3/7 of it tomorrow, how much of the room will he have painted?

Q 5: One number is 10 more than three times another. Their sum is 110. What are the numbers.
25 and 86
24 and 75
30 and 75

Q 6: Bob took a Math test containing 40 questions. If he answered 80% of the questions correctly, how many questions did he answered correctly.

Q 7: A retail store sells a jacket for 75% more than the wholesale price it is charged by the manufacturer. If the store sells the jacket for $49, how much is it charged by the manufacturer.

Q 8: Tim's earnings were $24,324 last year and his wife's earnings were $22,435. What were their combined earnings?

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