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Upper Elementary Science - I
3.1 The Cycle of Seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Each year we journey through the seasons as the earth travels around the sun. A year has four seasons - winter, spring, summer, and fall. Winter changes into spring, spring grows into summer, summer turns into fall, and fall leads to winter again. The seasons follow each other around in a cycle.


In the US, winter begins in December. In winter, the air grows cold and chills the earth. Frost sparkles the tree branches. Snow tumbles from the sky. There is less daylight in winter. Squirrels and woodchucks go to sleep during this time. People wear warm clothes when they go out. Children build bright white snowmen outside their houses. Seeds lie waiting in the ground. Winter is a resting time.


In the US, spring begins in March. Winds blow and birds sing. In spring, the earth slowly warms up. Warmth makes the grass grow. Seeds crack open, pushing out new shoots. Fresh green leaves uncurl from dull brown buds. Daffodils and crocuses pop up through melting snow to bloom in the dark, wet earth. Flowers bloom and bees buzz around them. Leaves sprout on the trees. Spring showers come. A robin sings as it hunts for worms in the ground. Caterpillars crawl from their eggs. The earth is waking up again.


In the US, summer begins in June. The weather becomes hotter, the daylight lasts long and there is more sunshine. The grass grows tall. Soon all the trees are thick with leaves. Roses bloom, bees buzz and butterflies flutter among the flowers. Wheat and barley ripen in the fields, changing from green to gold. Apples and plums grow fat and juicy where blossom grew in springtime. People like to be outside. The summer is a good time for vacation.


In the US, fall begins in September. During this time, the sky is gray and cold. Leaves on the trees change color to yellow, red, or brown. The leaves fall off the trees and blow around on the ground. Cold winds make bright coloured leaves dance through the air. All the trees but the evergreens have bare branches. The bees and butterflies are gone. Squirrels rush frantically here and there, hiding acorns and nuts to eat when the winter comes. Most of the birds have flown away. Empty field are plowed up and left ready for the next crop. The ground is cooling off and getting ready for winter.
Directions: Answer the following questions. Describe the four seasons in your own words.
Q 1: Daffodils and crocuses pop up through melting snow to bloom in the dark, wet earth in fall.

Q 2: There is less daylight in _______________.

Q 3: In spring the earth slowly_________ up.

Q 4: In US, the first day of winter is ______________.
September twenty-first
March twenty-first
June twenty-first
December twenty-first

Q 5: June twenty-first is the first day of summer in the US.

Q 6: In _________ the air grows cold and chills the earth.

Q 7: March twenty-first is the first day of____________ in the US.

Q 8: A year has four seasons.

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Question 10: This question is available to subscribers only!

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