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Grade 8 - Mathematics
9.14 Problems on Time and Distance - IV

Directions: Solve the following problems. Also write at least 5 examples of your own.
Q 1: In a wind blowing at a speed of 5 km/hr. a cyclist goes against the direction of wind to a certain distance. In the return journey along the direction of wind, he travelled double the distance in the same time. If the wind is at standstill what is his speed.
15 km/hr.
16 km/hr.
14 km/hr.
13 km/hr.

Q 2: A train 90m. long and travelling at 22.5 km/hr. passes a man walking at 4.5 km/hr. Find the time taken by a train to pass a man. (In same direction)
12 sec.
20 sec.
16 sec.
18 sec.

Q 3: A stream flows at the rate of 5 km/hr. in a given time. A boat traverses downstream 3 times the distance traversed by it up stream. Find the speed of the boat in still water.
12 km/hr.
11 km/hr.
9 km/hr.
10 km/hr.

Q 4: The distance between two places X and Y is 36 km. Two persons John and Mike start simultaneously at X and Y at the speeds of 8km/hr. and 4 km/hr. Find when and where they meet each other. (If they are travelling in opposite direction)
23 km. from X
24 km. from X.
26 km. from X
25 km. from X

Q 5: Two trains 220m. and 180m. long crossed each other in 16 sec. when they run in opposite direction and in 1 minute when they run in same direction. Find their speeds.
57 km/hr. and 33 km/hr.
55 km/hr. and 35 km/hr.
58 km/hr. and 32 km/hr.
56 km/hr. and 34 km/hr.

Q 6: In a 100m. race Mike beat Adam by 5m. and Adam can beat Peter by 10m. By how much distance can Mike beat Peter in the race.
5 5/9 m.
5 4/9 m.
5 2/9 m.
5 7/9 m.

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