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Grade 8 - Mathematics
9.9 Word Problems on Time and Work - II

Directions: Solve the following problems. Also write at least 5 examples of your own.
Q 1: Two taps can fill a tub in 24min. and 32min. separately. Another tap can empty the full tub in 16min. If they are opened together at the same time when will the tub be full.

Q 2: Adam can do 5/8 of a piece of work in 20days. He works for 2days when John joins him. They work together and complete the work in 20days. In how many days can John alone can do the whole work.

Q 3: Tow taps can fill a tub in 10min. and 15min. respectively. A pipe can empty it in 8min. If all the three are kept open simultaneously when will the tub be full.

Q 4: Matt and Peter can do together a piece of work in 20 days. After they have worked together for 12 days Matt stops and Peter completes the remaining work in 10 days. In how many days Peter complete the work separately.

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