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Math Word Problems - GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE Preparation
5.15 Word Problems - A Fraction of a Number 3

Example 1:
Emma's vegetable garden has 50 tomatoes. 1/5 of them were eaten by insects. How many tomatoes did she have left.
Total tomatoes is 50.
The fraction part of the tomatoes eaten by insects = 1/5
The fraction part of tomatoes remaining is 1 - 1/5 = 4/5
The tomatoes left = 50 x 4/5 = 40 tomatoes

Directions: Solve the following word problems.
Q 1: Sid spent $20 on a trading card game. If 1/5 of his money is left. What is the amount he had in the beginning?

Q 2: Harry received four times as many votes as his only opponent in the school election. If his opponent received 40 votes, what is the total number of votes that were cast
(Hint: Henry received 4/(4+1) =4/5 of the votes and his opponent received 1/(4+1) = 1/5 of the votes. Let the total number of votes be x. Opponent received 40 votes, so 1/5 of votes were of his opponent, the equation is (1/5)x=40, Therefore x =_____)

Q 3: Greg spent $80 for games. If this is 4/5 of the amount his dad gave him. What is the total amount his dad gave?

Q 4: 14 students show up for baseball practice on Tuesday. If this represents 7/8 of the baseball team, what is the total number of students on the team.

Q 5: Mr.B puts $9,000 in charges on his credit card. If these charges are equal to 3/4th of his credit limit. What is his credit limit?
(Hint: Let the total credit limit be x. Since Mr.B spends 3/4 of the credit limit, this translates to 3/4x. This is equal to $9,000, so your equation is (3/4)x. This is equal to $9000, so the equatio is 3/4x = 9000. Therefore x = ____)

Q 6: Aron has 4 times as many pencils as Greg. If Greg has 80 pencils, what is the total number of pencils that both have?

Q 7: Jan's mom works at a department store and gets a discount off the purchases she makes there. Her discount is: she pays 4/5 of the ticket price for an item. If she bought a dress for $40 what was its ticket price? (Calculate assuming there is not sales tax)
(Hint: Let the ticket price be x. Jan's mom pays 4/5 of the ticket price, which translates to 4/5x. The price she paid is $40. Therefore the equation is 4/5x=40.)

Q 8: Fred has a discount coupon off for one merchandise in a department store. He pays 2/3rd of the ticket price of the item. If he bought a Jacket for $40, what was its ticket price. (Assuming no sales tax)

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