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Math Word Problems - GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE Preparation
2.14 Word Problems - Basic Operations With Variables - Challenging


A taxicab charges $2.00 for a ride, plus $0.40 for each mile, m, driven. The cab driven hopes to make a minimum of $5.00 from his next customer. Write and equation that could be used to solve for the value of m?
The cab driver wants to make a minimum of $5 on his next fare. this means that he will make an amount equal to or greater than $5. So the correct inequality should contain>=5. the cost of the cab ride is the sum of the fixed and variable costs. the fixed costs is $2. The variable cost is $0.40 for each of m miles driven. This makes the variable cos .40m. So the total inequality is 2 + 0.40m >= 5.

Directions: Write the algebraic equation for the following word problems.
Q 1: A computer repair company charges $50 for a service call plus $25 for each hour of work. Which of the following equation represents the relationship between the bill, b, for a service call, and the number of hours spent on the call, h?
50 += 25 = b
50 + 25h = b
50h + 25 = b

Q 2: Kim has a dollars and Jim has b dollars. Together, they still have less than they need to buy a camera costing x dollars. Which of the following best expresses this situation?
a + b > x
a + b >= x
a + b < x

Q 3: A large pizza costs $12 plus $0.75 for each topping. Which of the following equations represents the relationship between the price of a large pie, p, and the number of toppings it contains, t?
p = 12 + .75t
p = 12t + .75
p = 12 + .75

Q 4: Jan has read 8 pages of her social studies chapter. She wants to read a minimum of y pages before she goes to bed. If z represents the additional pages she must read, which of the following best represents the number of pages Jan must read before going to bed?

8 + z >= y
z - 8 >= y

Q 5: Emma and Jan went shopping. Emma spent $10 less than twice as much as Jan. If the two girls spent a total of $140, which of the following equations could be solved for the amount that Jan spent?
x + (2x-10) = 140
2x - 10 = 140
x + (2x-10) = 140

Q 6: Bob is allowed to have a maximum of m treats per day. He has already had b treats today. if t is the number of treats Bob is still allowed to have, which of the following best represents this situation?
b - t <= m
bt = m
b + t <= m

Q 7: Richard has 5 fewer than three times as many games for Nintendo than he has for Play Station. If Richard has a total of 23 games, which of the following equation can be used to solve for the number of Play Station games he has?
(Hint: Let x be the number of Play Station games. Richard has 5 fewer than three times as many Nintendo games as Play Station games; three times as many is 3x, so 5 fewer than this is 3x-5. Richard has total of 23 games so sum these two variable expressions to _______)
x + (3x-5) = 23
x + (5x-3) = 23

Q 8: A bag contains a total of 27 lollipops, all of which are either lemon, grape or cherry. Twice as many lemon as grape. three fewer lollipops than lemon and cherry. Which equation can be used to solve for the number of grape lollipops in the bag?
(Hint: Let x be number of grape lollipops. Twice as many pops are lemon as grape, so there are 2x lemon pops. Three fewer pops than lemon are cherry, so there are 2x-3 cherry pops. There are total 27 pops, so sum these three variable expressions to 27= ?)
x 2x + 3x = 27
x + 3n + (3n-2) = 27

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