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Upper Elementary Science - II
1.5 Science Processes - Classifying

Classifying is grouping objects, concepts or events on the basis of observations made to show similarities, differences and inter-relationships. Objects can be grouped in a variety of ways, such as by size, shape or colour.
Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: All living things may be classified into
animals and plants
living and non-living
people and objects

Q 2: ____________________ is grouping objects, concepts or events on the basis of observations made.

Q 3: Tom, Mark, John, Tina, Michelle, Susan -- how will you classify the names into two groups?
names of boys and girls
names of boys
names of girls
names based on the alphabet

Q 4: Classification is done on the basis of ____________ made.

Q 5: Classification is done to show similarities, differences, and inter relationships of objects or concepts.

Q 6: Red, blue, triangle, green, square, circle, yellow, black, oval. These can be _______ into two groups.

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