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Grade 7 - Mathematics
9.61 Geometry And Measurement - Review Test

Q 1: The sides of the triangle ABC are 7 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm. Find its perimeter.
30 cm
15 cm
20 cm
25 cm

Q 2: The radius of a circle is 21cm, an arc AB subtends an angle at the centre O. Find the angle if length of the arc AB is given by 27.5 cm.

Q 3: One side of a parallelogram is "a" and its height relative to the side is "h" then area is _______.

Q 4: The dimensions of a cuboid are 8 cm, 6 cm and 4 cm. Find its volume.
152 cubic cm
192 cubic cm
142 cubic cm
162 cubic cm

Q 5: The diagonal of a square is 169/13 cm. Find the area of square.
60.5 sq cm
64.5 sq cm
84.5 sq cm
94.5 sq cm

Q 6: The outer and inner radii of a ring are 80 cm and 69.5 cm. Find its area.
4933.5 sq cm
3933.5 sq cm
5621 sq cm
5632 sq cm

Q 7: A path of 1 metre wide, runs around out side a rectangular plot of length 20 metres. Find the width of the rectangular plot if area of the path is given by 74 square metres
9 metres
10 metres
15 metres
5 metres

Q 8: The length and breadth of a rectangular metal sheet are 50 cm and 40 cm respectively. Four squares each of side 'x' cm are cut and removed from four corners of the sheet, and the remainder is folded to form a cuboid(without the top face). Find 'x' if the volume is given by 6384 cubic centimeters.
8 centimeters
7 centimeters
6 centimeters
5 centimeters

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