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Grade 7 - Mathematics
Word Problems on Cuboid - I

The length and width of a rectangular metal sheet are 40 cm and 25 cm respectively. Four squares each of side 5 cm are cut and removed from four corners of the sheet, and the remainder is folded to form a cuboid(without the top face). Find the volume.


In the given rectangular sheet has length and breadth equal to 40 cm and 25 cm respectively.
If four corner squares of the side 5 cm are removed and rest is folded into a cuboid.
Then the length and width of the cuboid is reduced by twice the side of square.
Therefore the length of the cuboid = 40 - (2 * 5)
= 40 - 10
length (l)= 30 cm.
The width of the cuboid = 25 - (2 * 5)
= 25 - 10
width (b) = 15 cm.
The height of the cuboid itself is equal to the side of the square removed.
Therefore the height of the cuboid = 5 cm.
Hence the volume of the cuboid is V = l * b * h
V = 30 * 15 * 5
Volume = 2250 cubic centimeters.

Directions: Read the above example carefully and answer the following questions. Also make 10 different examples of your own and illustrate each by making cuboids.