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Billing/Payment (Credit Card/Money Order/Cheque)
Frequently Asked Questions

Q60328.  What kind of payment methods do you accept?
You can pay for your subscriptions using any major credit card (Mastercard, VISA, Discover, etc.) at our Sign Up page.  Our credit card payments are handled by Paypal, an eBay company.  This gives you extra security because your credit card details are handled securely at Paypal and are not revealed to us.  You can pay using the credit card with or without a Paypal account.

If you would like to pay using a Money Order, or a Personal Cheque, please mail your payment to:
kwizNET Learning System, LLC
45684 Morningside Road,
Canton, MI 48187

Q60324.  I am a teacher and I would like to purchase subscriptions for my students.  Do you offer any volume discounts?
Yes, we do.  Please see our volume discount page.

Q51226.  What does the 1-Month Risk-free Trial Include?
The one month risk-free trial includes Grades 1-5 Math Curriculums.  The trial is meant to help you to try out the features of our online system.  You can browse the contents of all our curriculums without a subscription.  The trial subscription lets your student log-in and actually do the quizzes.  At the end of your trial subscription, if you would like to continue the subscription, we can set up your account so that the work done by your student during the trial is preserved.

Q51125.  I just bought a kwizNET CD on eBay and I am bidding on some of your other items.  Can I wait and pay for all the items together?
Thank you for your purchase.  Please complete all your purchases and pay for them together.  If you pay for all your items together using Paypal, you will automatically receive all applicable S&H discounts.

Q4401. My student will benefit from kwizNET Learning System, but I cannot afford to pay. Can you help?
As a social service, kwizNET Learning System provides discounted or free subscriptions to those in need. We provide a maximum of one free subscription for every paid subscription we have. Please contact us if you need a discounted or free subscription.

Q4402. Who should sign up?
Parents or teachers should sign up for their children or students.

Q4403. How can I buy kwizNET CDs?
You can buy them from our website. We usually mail the items within 24 hours. The price shown includes all standard (1st class mail) S&H charges. Sometimes, we do offer kwizNET CDs through eBay. See our auctions at eBay here. Auction format may result in lower price for you if you have the time to wait for the auctions to end.

Q4404. I don't know what paypal is. I want to pay using my credit card for the subscription. How can I do that?
Paypal is just a credit card payment processer. You need to provide details about your credit card and billing/shipping address as with any credit card payment. If you already have a Paypal account, the process is evern simpler. However, to pay using Paypal, you DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL account.

Q4405. Do you accept money orders or cashier's cheques? 
Yes. we do. Please contact us for details.