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kwizNET Online Curriculums - FAQ
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Q70504. I would love to see a sample lesson to get a feel for how the curriculum is. I've looked at the online quiz available but am not able to view worksheets or anything else. Could you post pics with maybe the word sample across them or something to protect your work? I think it would help you sell your product. Thanks.

Here is a sample:

Q70330. The Curriculum Page takes a long time to load.  After every quiz, my student has to wait for the Curriculum Page to load.  Is there a way to speed this up?
Yes, one way to avoid waiting for the Curriculum Page to load is to open the Quiz Page in a new window.  To do this, from My kwizNET Page, select a Curriculum Page.  Once you are on the Curriculum Page, right click on the Chapter Name (instead of left clicking).  The Chapter/Quiz Page will open in a new window.  Complete and submit the quiz.  Check your score and close the Quiz Window.  You will then go back to the Curriculum Page.  After you do several quizzes, you may reload the Curriculum Page to see the updated scores.  This approach will avoid waiting for the Curriculum Page to load after every quiz! 

Q60822. How do I make a workbook using my online subscription?
Since the online system offers benefits such as instant scoring and progress tracking, for most users the online system is the preferred way of using kwizNET. However, if you do not have a reliable Internet access, you may print worksheets and make your own workbook. To make your own workbook, please follow these instructions:
  • Login to kwizNET using your account information.
  • Go to your curriculum page, for example, Grade 5 Math. Print this page and use it as a contents page for your workbook.
  • Go to the chapter or chapters you would like to include in your workbook and go to the worksheet mode. For example, Decimal Differences.
  • If needed, change the text size using your browser options. For example, with Internet Explorer, go to View -> Text Size -> Larger. Making the text size larger may be useful if you student has trouble reading smaller text.
  • Adjust your print settings. Maximize the printing area by changing the margins and removing any unnecessary headers and footers. In Internet Explorer, you can change your print settings using File -> Page Set Up.
  • Print the worksheets and arrange them in a binder.
Q60820.  What are "Practice Points" and how do they change?
kwizNET Curriculum Page shows practice points along with the average score for each chapter.  As the name implies, the practice points are intended to measure the amount of practice the student has for a given chapter and  are based on the number of questions (including repeated questions) the student answers correctly.  The Practice Points for each chapter keep growing when the student  redoes the quiz for that chapter.  The practice points are useful in a relative sense -- if the practice points for a chapter are higher than another chapter with the same number of questions, then you know that the student has attempted the former chapter more times than the latter chapter.

Q60607.  Does the online subscription allow my child to redo the lessons/quizzes?
Yes, your child can do each quiz as many times as needed.  Infact, kwizNET Learning System keeps track of the practice that a child had for each lesson.  The curriculum page shows "Practice Points" that are based on the number of questions (including repeated questions) the child answered correctly.  The Practice Points for each chapter keep growing when the child redoes the quiz for that chapter.

Q60606.  I have purchased one online subscription.  If one child uses a lesson, will it be available to do again by another child?
Each online subscription is intended to keep track of progress of one student only.  If you have multiple students, we recommend purchasing additional subscriptions.  However, you may print worksheets as many times as needed to teach children within one household or within one non-commercial class room.  Using one individual subscription for commercial purpose is not allowed by our terms of sale.  For commercial use, please contact us for volume discounts or licensing options.

Q60527.  I am not receiving emails from kwizNET.  Please help.
We usually respond to questions from customers within 24 hours.  If you did not receive emails from us, please check the following:

  • Make sure that the email address you have given us (on our Contact Us form) is correct.
  • Please check in your Bulk or Spam folder -- many email filters are blocking emails unless you specifically indicate that you would like to receive emails from a particular sender.  If you find our email in your Bulk or Spam folder, please mark it as "Not Spam" and also add our email address to your address book.
  • Please resend your email and provide us an alternate way to contact you -- to keep our costs low, we do not typically provide telephone support, but in special situations, we will be happy to call you and help you with your question.

Q60516.  I forgot my username/password, please help.
You can retrieve your username/password at any time by going to the Forgot Password Page at  Your password will be sent to the email address that you had used with the payment.  If you are no longer able to access the email address that you had used with the payment, please contact us and provide your identifying information (the item that you purchased and the payment details).

Q60515.  I am unable to login to the system, what am I doing wrong?
To login to kwizNET, please make sure that your browser accepts cookies.  Also, please make sure that you are typing in the username/password exactly (they are case sensitive) or copy and paste the username/password from the email that was sent to you.  If you still have problem logging in, please email us the following information:

-  The username/password that you are using.
-  The email address you used with your payment or the items you purchased.
-  The browser type/version and the computer type and operating system details.
-  Are you using any browser plug-ins or specialty browsers such as MSN, AOL?
-  Have you tried to log in at any other computer?

Q60111: Could you please explain the differences between your CDs and online subscriptions?
To see whether you should purchase our CDs or the online subscription, please see the following table:


kwizNET CDskwizNET Online Subscriptions
Requires Internet AccessNoYes
Printable WorksheetsYesYes
Optimized for PrintingYesNo
Quizzes with Instant ScoringNoYes
Student Progress Tracking NoYes

Q51211.  I find the default text size in the quizzes and worksheets too small or too large.  How can I change it?
You may be able to change the text size by the options you have in your  web browser.  For example, in Internet Explorer 6.0, use the menu View->Text Size->Medium.

Q51124.  How can I get unlimited worksheets?
All kwizNET quizzes and printable worksheets marked as "WIZ Math" are computer generated.  Therefore, you will get a new worksheet every time you refresh the page (simply press F5 in Internet Explorer). 
For example, try the following quizzes (refresh the web page to get a new worksheet every time):

Please note that quizzes that are not marked as "WIZ Math" do not have unlimited questions -- however, every time you refresh the browser, questions and answer choices are randomly selected.

Q51120. Which web broswer should I use for best experience with kwizNET website?
kwizNET website is designed for Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. You may also use other standard browsers such Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.  However, we do not recommend MSN, AOL, or other specialized browser implementations or plug-ins.

Q51119. I need help using kwizNET online system.
ere are the detailed instructions for using kwizNET online system. Please follow these steps, and indicate with which step you are having problem, and we will provide further help.

1. Login to kwizNET website ( using the Username/Password that was emailed to you. To make sure the username & password are entered correctly, you may want to copy and paste them from the email, instead of typing them in.

2. You will then be taken to My kwizNET web page ( You should see "Your Username, Welcome to kwizNET!" at the top of the page. If you see "Guest, Welcome to kwizNET!", your login was NOT successful.

3. If your login was successful, you will see the curriculums you have subscribed to. Select one of the curriculums.

4. You will then see the selected curriculums with all the chapters in that curriculum. At the top of the page, you should see "Your Username, Welcome to kwizNET!". If you see "Guest, Welcome to kwizNET!", your login information was lost because your computer is not saving cookies.

5. If Step #4 was successful, select one of the chapters in the curriculum. You will be taken to online quiz page. At the top of the page, you will see "Online Quiz (Worksheet)" and at the bottom, you should see a "SUBMIT" button.

5.1 Your student can take the quiz by filling in his responses and pressing the "SUBMIT" button. The program will then grade the responses and give the correct answers and the score for that quiz.

5.2 Instead of the online quiz, if you would like to print a worksheet, click on the "Worksheet" link at the top of the page. You will then see a printable worksheet with questions followed by answers for that chapter.

6. If your student took an online quiz, he will see "Click Here To Continue" at the bottom, which will take him/her back to the selected curriculum page. The score for the quiz the student took would be updated at the curriculum page.

Q51101: Is the username/password you have supplied good only for one student?
Yes, each student account has a separate username/password. With the username/password the student can login to kwizNET to do the following:

  • Print worksheets for offline usage
  • Take the online quizzes
  • Have the quizzes graded instantly (questions that require detailed writing responses are not computer graded)
  • Keep track of his/her progress, and
  • Print award certificates

Q51102: Using one kwizNET account, am I allowed to run a copy of the quizzes for my entire class?
Each kwizNET account is intended for teaching one student or children in one family. We provide various licensing and volume discount options for schools and commercial tutoring centers. We can also create fund raising programs in which the discounted subscriptions are offered directly to parents of the students and portion of the sales are donated to the school. Please contact us with your requirements.

Q40101: How easy is it to use kwizNET?
kwizNET is very easy to use. Children as young as 5 or 6 years can use this site easily.

Q40102: I need assistance with logging in.
Login problems are usually due to "Caps Lock" or other keyboard related issues. Please remember that the username and passwords are case sensitive.

Q40103: How do I change my username/password?
First login to kwizNET and then go to . Enter your existing username/password and then the new username/password. The reasons for not being able to change username/password are:

  • You did not login with your existing username/password
  • The username you have selected is already taken
  • You did not enter correct username/password on the change username/password page

Q40104: What are "WIZ Math" quizzes?
They are quizzes with automatically generated questions. Quizzes tagged as WIZ Math allow you to create unlimited number of worksheets with new questions everytime the page is refreshed.

Q40105: Does this program supply only worksheets and we need to have a text to use as a reference, or does it also give instuctions to the child in how to do these worksheets?
kwizNET worksheets and quizzes are written and ordered so that key concepts are explained. However, kwizNET Learning System is not meant to replace textbooks but only to supplement them. To get most out of kwizNET:

  • Please use it along with a good text book (for recommendations, see
  • While doing online quizzes, let your student keep a paper and pencil handy for doing any background calculations. Printable worksheets have space for doing any needed calculations.
  • After a concept is learned, have your student do enough quizzes or worksheets till he/she has mastered the concept (usually means 90% or higher score)

Q40106: How does this work? If I subscribe, I get a username and password for one year? Is there unlimited access to all the worksheets and can they be printed?
That is correct. You will get unlimited access to the grade(s) you subscribe to. They can all be printed at your convenience (each worksheet includes 10 questions and answers on a separate page). What is more, your student can also take quizzes online and get them scored instantly and have results stored for progress tracking.

Q40108: What are the valid dates for this subscription? Are the worksheets also downloadable for off-web use?
kwizNET regular subscriptions are for 1 year (unless otherwise stated) - the start date would be the date of your payment and end date would 1 year from the start date. Sure, you can save the files from the web to your hard disk. We also sell worksheet CDs that can be used without internet connection.

Q40109: I want to know how this (kwizNET) system works. What is the fee and will you send the CD or papers? What do you suggest for Grade 1 student who is going to be in Grade 2 this year?
Thank you for contacting kwizNET Learning System. We believe that our system would be helpful for the student you referred to. The earlier a student starts with our system, the more beneficial it is. Benefits of kwizNET Learning System are:

  • Systematic learning and practice of grade appropriate math topics using online quizzes and printable worksheets
  • Progress tracking and award certificates to keep the student motivated
  • An available record of all the past quiz scores as the student progresses through different grades. This helps in identifying topics
  • hat the student is strong in and the topics that he/she needs to practice more.
  • We recommend that you sign up for Grade 1 and 2 Math Packages or a complete Elementary School Math Package.

Q40110: How can I get help?
If you do not find your answer from the website, please contact us.

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