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Frequently Asked Questions

Q60326.  How many questions are there per worksheet?
The CDs have worksheets that are optimized for printing. By default, they have 10 questions per worksheet, but some may have more or less questions to fill a page. In our online system, most worksheets have 10 questions each. You can actually browse and see the number of questions in various chapters of the curriculums of your interest at:

In some chapters, there may be more than 10 questions (in computer generated 'WIZ Math' chapters the number of questions is unlimited), but only 10 of them are presented at a time.  When you refresh the page, you will get a new set of questions.

Q51201.  I need clarification with your MEAP test curriculums.  If the student is in 4th grade and would be preparing for 5th Grade MEAP in the coming fall, which curriculum should I buy?
If your student is preparing for 5th Grade MEAP, you should buy our 5th Grade MEAP curriculum.  The MEAP test is administered at the beginning of each school year -- therefore, it is based on the topics the student learned during the previous academic year.  For example, 5th Grade MEAP is based on Grade 4 Math curriculum.

For a description of Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE) for each MEAP test, see the following pages:

Q4301. What curriculum does kwizNET use in building grade appropriate quizzes?
kwizNET is based on a number of widely recognized curriculums. Here are the curriculums available at kwizNET:

  • Grade 1 - Mathematics
  • Grade 2 - Mathematics
  • Grade 3 - Mathematics
  • Grade 4 - Mathematics
  • Grade 5 - Mathematics
  • Grade 6 - Mathematics
  • Grade 7 - Mathematics
  • Grade 8 - Mathematics
  • Grade 1 - English
  • Grade 2 - English
  • Grade 3 - English
  • Grade 4 - English
  • Grade 5 - English 
  • Vocabulary & Spelling Course for Middle & High School Students

We continually add new curriculums.  Please visit our website to see the latest additions.

Q4302. What other books or reading material do you recommend?
Although any grade appropriate text books are sufficient, we particularly recommend "What Your ?st Grader Needs To Know" series books.

Q4303. Is kwizNET just for Math and English, or are other subject areas included? I love the math examples given and plan to subscribe!
kwizNET currently offers Math and English curriculums , but we plan to offer Science and Social Studies curriculums also in the future.  Please check back soon.

Q4304. Is there any way that I can get on a list to be notified when you can offer Science and English?
Sure, if you are a subscriber, we will inform you of the new content immediately through our website.

Q4305. Are any of your resources available in Spanish? Also, can a subscriber use materials from any of the grade levels (i.e. for remedial purposes or advance work on specific topics with a student, for example).
Thank you for contacting us. kwizNET is currently available only in English. We have two levels of subscription: individual grade and all elementary grades, as you can see at: kwizNET Sign Up Page.  With "Elementary School (Grades 1 through 5) Math Package" subscription, you get access to all elementary grades.

Q4306. Do you have high school content?
kwizNET currently offers Elementary &  Middle School content. We have plans to offer higher grades soon. If you are a kwizNET subscriber, we will inform you of the availability of new content, otherwise, please check back soon for new content.