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kwizNET CDs - Frequently Asked Questions
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Q60111: Could you please explain the differences between your CDs and online subscriptions?
To see whether you should purchase our CDs or the online subscription, please see the following table:


kwizNET CDskwizNET Online Subscriptions
Requires Internet AccessNoYes
Printable WorksheetsYesYes
Optimized for PrintingYesNo
Quizzes with Instant ScoringNoYes
Student Progress Tracking NoYes

Q70415: Could I see a sample of the worksheets on your CDs?
The worksheets on the CD are a variation of the worksheets found on our website.  The worksheets on the CD are formatted better for printing.  However, the website has other features not found in the CD (see Q60111 on this page).  Here is a sample worksheet from one of our CDs:

Q40201: Just heard about your CDs. Could you email me some information and/or a catalogue?
More information about the contents of our CDs can be found at our website.  We also sell our through eBay. The eBay listings also provide details on the contents of the CDs. Here is the link: kwizNET Store at eBay.

Q51117.  Are kwizNET CDs compatible with Windows XP?
Q40203. What computer version are your CDs for?
Q40204. Will your CD work with any computer? What are the system requirements for this?
All kwizNET CDs work on Windows computers, including Windows XP.  You will also need a web browser (Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher preferred). You do not require an internet connection to use the CD.

Q40205. What is the format of the worksheets on the CD?
The CD contains worksheets in HTML format very similar to our online system. For example: Worksheet Example (you need to login to remove the ads and see the answers). Each worksheet also has answer keys that print on the next page.

Q40202. I received a kwizNET grade three math disc. I cannot figure out how to use this disc? How do I use it?
An instructions sheet is mailed with every kwizNET CD. There is also a README.TXT file in the root directory of the CD.  When you insert the CD into the drive, it will run automatically and bring up the "My Worksheets.htm" file.  In case the CD does not run automatically on your computer, you may browse CD using Windows Explorer and click the "MyWorksheets.htm" file in the root directory of the CD. You will then be able to view, select, and print the worksheets. Hope this helps. If not, please let us know - we will provide further help.